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New Life of HMM3
Welcome to HMM 3.5 Project Web Site!
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Dear HMM3 fans,

This site is dedicated to upgrading and customization of your favorite game. Here you can find many patches (and the full Add-on) that can make the game considerably more interesting.

We are currently working on a new technology we call Event Related Model (ERM). In a nutshell, it makes possible dynamically changing the map objects' properties as a result of certain player's (including computer players) actions.

We invite you to join our discussion board and take part in this exciting project.

Also we realize that all our efforts will be in vain without good mapmakers. If you can write a map or upgrade an old one using the new capabilities of the AddOn or feel you can aid the project in any other way please e-mail us at HMM3.5 Team.Your participation is greatly appreciated!
 zvs  and   liquidsky - The representatives of HMM3.5 Team on this site.

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