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Russian Version


In English:
Great site about HMM. Besides, there is our Main English Mirror with another design there.

The Astral Wizard's Heroes Site
One of the best sites is devoted Heroes of Might and Magic. There is a wide choice of maps.There are a lot of sections as descriptions of all monsters, castles, artefacts etc. Also is the humour, the training articles and the articles and FAQ's about strategy of game.

Modhomm3 - Customize Your game
This is a user-created object's editor that allows you to import custom bitmaps into your map. An English version is available as well as the original French version. Besides, Bruno and Slaim are members of ours project.

The Deputies
A team of chaotic neutral warriors in the Astral Wizard's Alliances League :)

In Russian:

      Mirror of our project.
In Russian, but there are all ours programs (are supporting two languages ) too.
Besides  This Site of GrayMage
Is the greatest russian place is devoted Heroes of Might and Magic.

Russian Site
By Alexander Karpeko. An another russian Site with utilities and goodies. He developped an add-on, but now he is the member of ours team and many features and innovations from his add-on has been united with ours. His work you may find at this place: The memory Add-on
Our French colleagues have put it on their site. The page on English.

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